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What is a BioPACK™?

A BioPACK™ is a self-contained, powered, processor controlled, complex micro-fluidic system that manages the activities of hundreds of different micro-fluidic circuits at the same time, each using "TRAC-EM™". Perhaps more importantly, it is one of the very first clinical uses of micro-fluidics to facilitate direct healing.

Micro-fluidics has been used for decades in diagnostics, with an outstanding record of precision and reliability. Reveal's BioPACK™ goes one step further, and combines many different kinds of micro-fluidic circuits and activities on a complex scale. It is like having multiple tiny production plants, each with a different function, all rolled-up into one device and working in a coordinated unison. Thus, it is a technological device that delivers clinical results, by "Immunotherapy", that facilitates direct healing, with almost no negative side-effects. And it is unlike anything that has ever been fielded into medicine before. Some have even gone as far as saying that, "a BioPACK™ is like temporarily adding an extra, artificial organ". This is probably an exaggeration – a BioPACK™ is more like adding a small, but effective, boost to your own immune system's processes.

What does a BioPACK™ look like?

The final production generation of the BioPACK™ that will be released to the public will be about the size of an average smart-phone, but about one and a half to two times thicker. It will have a very small rechargeable backup battery inside, and it will have a separate rechargeable battery pack that will be about twice as big. Its display will have an interface that looks somewhat similar to an average smart-phone.

The BioPACK™ will most likely be worn on someone's arm, although it could also be mounted on a leg, or on the chest/torso. It will have a small and discrete protective sling that will hold it in place on the arm, leg or torso. And it will typically be mounted right over the cathode to protect it, or it may be mounted right next to the cathode at the doctor's discretion. Besides the cathode into a vein, it will only have a small line to the battery-pack, wherever the patient chooses to wear the battery pack. Some may choose to use a fanny-pack, and others may choose to use the more discrete under-the-arm-holster-sling for the battery pack.

What are the BioPACK™'s basic activities and operations?

Some of the "TRAC-EM™" operations and micro-fluidic circuits are in parallel, so the BioPACK™ can scale its response. Some are in series, so that the system can do multiple things to some biological component in a specific order, like activate a macrophage. And some of its operations and micro-fluidic circuits are simply sensors, which when taken as a whole, give the system precise feedback on levels of important activities.

The BioPACK™ has a number of basic operations or functions that makeup the “TRAC-EM™”: It sorts cells in the plasma. It senses things about the cells it sorts. It senses levels in the plasma (blood). It removes unwanted molecules from the plasma (blood). It passes selected cells across immobilized cytokines, antigens and specific fields to cause specific responses. It incubates selected cells under just the right conditions. It mixes and re-releases things when they are ready. It flushes and cleans itself. And it tracks and adjusts all of these operations continuously.

Why is the BioPACK™ better than a drug?

And as we have noted previously, UNLIKE a DRUG, one of the very best advantages of Reveal's BioPACK™, is that it can automatically sense and help adjust the level of activity in each of these hundreds of micro-fluidic circuits, in real-time. Thus, Reveal's BioPACK™ tailors the strength of its response towards the cancer automatically and continuously. Reveal's BioPACK™ can scale anywhere between aggressive and delicate, depending on what it senses about your body's responses. Because the BioPACK™ is a micro-fluidic device, and micro-fluidics is very good at diagnostics, it can automatically sense many of your body's responses. This level of responsiveness gives the BioPACK™ exquisite precision in helping your immune system in the fight against cancer, and allows it to nudge the body, gently and effectively – much better than any single molecule (like a drug) can do.

Since it is a system, how secure is it?

The BioPACK™ will securely transmit data out via USB, and be capable of securely transmitting data out wirelessly, at the patient's discretion. For security, all of its communications are only outgoing – it does not allow or accept ANY incoming communications, so it cannot be hacked indirectly. Only your doctor can give it instructions, at its initial setup. After that, it is completely automated. Aside from its initial setup by your doctor, a BioPACK™ may ONLY be turned on, or off. If there is ever any issue, just turn it off, and it will stop!