Apheresis -- a technique for removing specific cells and chemicals from the blood without harming the blood.

Autologous-cells -- the blood, muscle, and other cells that we are made from. In other words, our own cells.

Cytokine -- cytokines are chemicals that cells use to send signals to each other.

Cloaking Cytokines -- cloaking cytokines are chemicals used by cancer cells to hide from the immune system.

Dendritic cell -- a small immunocyte that helps the immune system by interfacing with other immune system cells, and if this complex process goes to completion, the immune system makes a vaccine, which can then go find cancer cells.

Immune system -- the cells and chemicals the body uses to protect itself from infections and foreign objects, including cancer.

Immunocyte -- Immunocytes are the "white blood cells" we studied in high school.

Immunocyte activation -- a technique to help "wake up" dozing immunocytes and reminding them that cancer cells are the enemy. The immunocytes to be activated are dendritic cells and macrophages.

Macrophage -- A large immunocyte that "eats" germs, and cancer cells - when they can find them!

Reveal BioPACK™ -- A sophisticated miniaturized microfluidic medical device, about the size of a cell-phone, but twice as thick, that continuously takes a little bit of blood at a time, and automatically implements TRAC-EM™ methods derived from: apheresis; stimulation of selected Immunocytes; incubation of selected Immunocytes; and continuously runs important tests, at the same time.

Reveal TRAC-EM™ -- “Technologies for Receptor Activation of Cells – Especially Macrophages™”, which combine techniques from three important methods: (1) Apheresis, or “Subtractive Therapy™” (2) Macrophage Activation, and (3) Dendritic Cell Response.

Solid cancers / Solid tumor cancers -- Solid tumor cancers include sarcomas, carcinomas, and lymphomas, which account for about 85% of all the occurrences of cancers, by total count.