Macrophage Data

As you are no doubt are aware of by this point, white blood cells (also known as macrophages) are the shock troops of the body.  They are a continuous presence that is core to the crushing of any solid tumor.  Bringing these shock troops online has to be a major part of any immunological therapy; and is central to the Reveal BioPACK approach.

A little known substance has been identified as a potent activator of macrophages.  This substance is called GcMAF.  There are three long term studies on its use in cancer. Unfortunately, they are small.  As of this writing, 16 prostate cancer patients, 8 colorectal patients and 16 breast cancer treatments remain cancer free at an average of 7 years, after having been treated by a combination of regular therapy and follow-on GcMAF.  However it is important to point out that statistically, ALL these groups should have experienced some cancer recurrence. But they have not! So the use of macrophage activation has been shown to facilitate a complete eradication of a cancer.

Worldwide, there has been an escalation of research activity on this substance in approximately 50 clinics worldwide.  The spectrum of response in end-stage patients has been estimated at about 20%.  Methods are being developed to push the response rate to 50%. Additionally, a genetic basis has been determined to separate those who respond from therapy from those that might not have any response. Interestingly, the Reveal BioPACK will activate its macrophages by multiple pathways, so that genetic factors will NOT affect the Reveal response rate. And consequently, Reveal expects to have a much higher response rate.

Furthermore, GcMAF was also shown to have direct anti-tumor activity, halting the growth of prostate cancer cells.  Lastly, just last year, GcMAF was shown to dramatically slow down the growth of cancer-induced blood vessels, vessels crucial to tumor growth.

Sadly, because all of this data on macrophage activation and GcMAF is not ours, we are not allowed to release it here either. Reveal’s Data is still being collected. When that is completed, we will release it here…