There is a strong circumstantial data for the case that we at Reveal Therapies are correct about our assertions and treatment design.

We have decided to open this Data section with an independent explanation devoted to why we have chosen dogs as the primary animal model Reveal Therapies is to start with. We continue with a discussion and some important comments about spontaneous remissions; and, why their existence is crucially important to understanding cancer progression. And then we go on to discuss some of the data about what an individual’s overall rate of cancer generation is, and put some of the numbers and ideas into context.

Over 100 man-years of effort went into the suite of experiments, clinical trials and patient experiences; which as a whole, strongly suggest this approach is the right one to take.  Like a prosecutor in a criminal case who finds themselves without a body or a smoking gun, we have worked by assembling a preponderance of evidence.  From a historical point of view, these next sections take a look at some of the evidence:

When considering apheresis, one must start with the brilliant work of Rigdon Lentz, MD, who with aphaeretic techniques began removing immune system suppressing substances from the bloodstream.  Then one must consider the link to the crucial identifying work by Mark Howell, MD.  This eventually leads to the concept of Transimmunization, developed at Yale School of Medicine.  Lastly, we quote our own experience with three dogs and why we feel that those results clearly show why this clinical path must be explored.

We then look at data originating out of Japan on the activation of macrophages.  We explain why this data is exciting regardless of the small size of the studies.

Closely related to macrophage activation, is what some macrophages change into: dendritic cells. This cell is crucial to how the immune system makes a vaccine and protects us from disease.  We report the overall effect of dendritic cell vaccines, and why no one has quite done it this way before.

Reveal’s Clinical Data is still being collected. When that is completed, we will release it here…