Immunocyte Activation

The immune system produces immunocytes (white blood cells) that find and kill germs, and other foreign invaders. Some of these immunocytes can find and "eat" cancerous cells. Reveal's BioPACK™ helps your body's immunocytes to do two things: get better at finding cancer cells, and produce more of these immunocytes. The "Immunocyte Activation" parts of BioPACK™ helps, by helping your immune system produce more of these immunocytes that are ready to hunt down and kill cancer cells. Here's how:

The Immunocyte Activation used in Reveal's BioPACK™ has two parts. One part is called "Macrophage Activation", where healthy, naturally occurring, immunocytes, from your own immune system, are removed and isolated from the immediate, direct effects of the cytokines cancer uses to camouflage itself (Reveal calls them "Cloaking Cytokines"), and then these immunocytes are stimulated to increase their readiness and effectiveness. These cells are then sent back into the body, activated to hunt down and destroy cancer cells. Hence this process is called "Macrophage Activation".

Another part of the BioPACK™'s Immunocyte Activation is called a "Dendritic Cell Response", a small subset of healthy, naturally occurring, immunocytes, from your own immune system, which have already been in the fight against some of the cancer cells are removed, and intermingled with some stimulating cytokines and antigens, where they are left to incubate under exactly the right conditions. This incubation amplifies and multiplies the Dendritic Cells, and if this goes well, a complex process happens that winds up making a naturally occurring vaccine. As one might imagine, these are both very good at helping defeat the cancer.