Why These Guys?

Greetings, we are the inventors of the Reveal BioPACK™, Charlie and Bob. And we felt it was important to introduce ourselves and our line of reasoning because this is such a completely novel and radical approach to solving the problem of cancer. We also know that anyone who decides to help us, or use Reveal Therapies, will face the inevitable credibility question of why: "Two yokels from the periphery could come up with a solution for so many cancers, while it has evaded brilliant scientists and 100's of billions of dollars of investment for over 60 years." Please give us your attention for one page's worth of information, and allow us to try and adequately answer that question for you.

In the almost 40 years since the National Cancer Act was passed on December 23, 1971 and the United States government figuratively "declared" war on cancer, many types of cancer remain incurable and the overall death rate from cancer has not decreased appreciably since the 1970s. (#1) In fact, the death rate for cancer in the U.S., adjusted for population size and age, dropped by only 5 percent from 1950 to 2005.(#2) According to the World Health Organization's "World Cancer Report 2008",(#3) cancer is expected to surpass cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in the world sometime between 2011-14.(#4) (#5) Clearly there is something wrong with this picture?

To understand the state of medicine, and cancer therapies today, one needs to understand a little bit of the history of modern medicine. In 1928 penicillin was discovered; however, it wasn't until 1942 that we discovered how to economically make penicillin in significant quantities, and it wasn't until 1946 that we figured out how to mass produce penicillin. Before penicillin, the only drug available for infections were sulfa drugs and their effectiveness was very, very modest. Penicillin on the other hand, was truly remarkable compared to what came before it. With penicillin, a single molecule could be put into the body that would significantly inhibit, and usually stop in their tracks, most of the gram-positive and gram-negative infections like: staphs (puncture & skin), strep (pneumonia), salmonella, e.coli, shegella, and many others. This was a tremendous advance, and changed the mindset of the practice of medicine. Ever since, medicine has been focused on how to discover and use single molecules that could be put into the body, with great efficacies, and few negative side effects. Today nearly all "medical research" and "drug discovery" is all about – finding the right molecule and/or the right receptor. In essence, it has been about "finding a silver bullet." Of course, biological systems are extremely complex, multi-variant systems. And when one always, and exclusively, tries to use a single molecule for a solution; it is a bit like a carpenter trying to use a hammer, and only a hammer, to build a sky-scraper. They are working with something of a handicap.

Because of the tremendous efforts of so many brilliant scientists over the last 60 years, and 100's of billions of dollars of research, enough data has been developed that, if one looks, one can begin to see a more elegant pathway to a solution for cancer. Please allow us to introduce you to a few fundamental and remarkable facts about cancer that often not known, nor fully appreciated by many, but must be understood to begin to appreciate Reveal's radically new approach.

The 1st fact is that nearly everyone, on a nearly daily basis, develops some kind of pre-cancerous, or cancerous cells(#5) - yet, your body's mechanisms handle these common perturbations all the time. In very, very few of these circumstances do actual, clinical cancers arise - why? And why is it that your body handles all of these many thousands of events over an average lifetime so well, and yet fails so badly in the case of a clinical cancer presentation?

The 2nd fact is that between 1 percent and 2 percent of ALL cancers, (and as high as 20 percent in some cancers), in ALL stages, see documented spontaneous remissions.(#6) This is a fact!

Therefore, an inescapable implication arises - under some conditions, the body clearly must have effective mechanisms at its disposal to handle cancerous cells. Even more importantly, this also directly implies that when there is a presentation of a clinical cancer case, there must also likely have been a failure of these already extant endemic mechanisms to work properly.

And when you put these two facts together, then it inevitably follows that when spontaneous remissions occur in the case of a clinical cancer presentation, these are probably NOT miraculous outliers, but a completion of the body's regular endemic mechanisms to handle cancerous cells. And if this is true, then it MUST also mean that while a case of a clinical cancer presentation is somehow a failure of the body's regular mechanisms to handle cancerous cells; it was also an error which can be overcome and reset by the body's own endemic mechanisms.

Faced with this startling perspective, we started to aggressively look in the literature, and it turns out that when one seriously considers this point-of-view, there are all kinds of interesting results out there. And the synergistic synthesis of Reveal's systems approach began to form. In the process, it has also become clearer and clearer to us that single "silver bullet" approaches to killing cancers are likely bound to fail across populations.

When one uses low grade poisons, radiation, and/or even targeted receptors alone, one not only attacks the cancer, but they also usually significantly weaken or interfere with the very same endemic mechanisms the body normally uses to handle cancerous cells. It became compellingly clearer that instead of trying to kill the cancers directly by targeting them with exotic delivery systems using extragenous poisons, the better approach might be to assist and augment the body's own endemic mechanisms to recognize and handle cancers that your body had already used effectively so many times before. If you were going to pick a path toward a solution to solve a problem, wouldn't you pick the path that has the best track record? Clearly, if pre-cancerous, or cancerous cells arise in nearly everyone on a regular basis, then the best track record in existence is the body's own endemic mechanisms; because that's a planet-wide success rate of somewhere over 7,000,000,000 x hundreds of events – that's allot of success!

So then, the question becomes one of figuring out how to reset by the body's own endemic mechanisms. It looks like it may turn out that a single molecule alone, no matter how sophisticated, probably won't do that very well in an extremely complex, multi-variant system – it's the wrong tool, when it is used by itself. But "TRAC-EM™" techniques, combined in a BioPACK™, with multiple immobilized molecules that switch cellular mechanisms "on" or "off", sorting, and incubation can probably be used in combination to reset the error and once again allow the body's own endemic mechanisms to prevail in most cases where an intact and viable immune system exists.

And that's why we propose that: "Two yokels from the periphery could come up with such a solution..." One of us is a trained MD who couldn't resist the pull of the systems side, and the other is a really good complex systems guy who couldn't help but be pulled into bioinformatics, and the workings of one of the most complex multi-variant systems in the world – Human Bodies.