If this is so good, why aren't people lining up to give you money to make a BioPACK™?

There are two basic reasons, actually. We are NOT a drug! And we are too different from anything that has come before!

Much of the basis of Reveal's therapy originates in naturally occurring substances. Naturally occurring substances cannot be patented. And if a substance cannot be patented, then none of the normal big institutional financiers would be willing to invest the many 100's of millions of dollars it usually takes to get a drug through FDA approval, and Phase III clinical trials. Such drugs become orphans and will not typically see the light of day.

There are 4 or 5 well known examples of this phenomenon in the literature. Big Pharmacological groups usually try to get around this by developing an alternative chemical structure with small variations that are nearly, or even more, functional and can also be patented. In this case, because of the elegant structural simplicity of these substances, an effective alternative derivation is unlikely to be found. And while this path is being pursued by others, it will likely take many years to synthesize and verify, if it can be done at all. Reveal Therapies has figured out a way to do this as a device, and NOT a drug! Thus, we can solve this problem in 1/5th of the time, and at 1/50th the cost.

Of course, therein lays the second related issue, and the core of our dilemma. Because this approach is so new and novel, it also makes institutional investors rather uncomfortable. Since a therapy like this has never been devised, nor done this way before, institutional investors don't have any history to draw upon. So, they don't have an acceptable way to assess the risk. Institutional investors don't like unknown territory. And so, an excellent and extremely viable solution for the horrific problem of cancer is unfortunately likely to languish in the doldrums of an orphaned solution.

Reveal's BioPACK™ have been presented and reviewed for funding consideration by 9 major investment groups which NDA's won't allow us to name. Each and every one has come back with very favorable assessments, and strong commitments to fund the second and third rounds. But each has also stated that while they think that "TRAC-EM™" and the BioPACK™ will likely work, their charter and/or policy constraints will not allow them to consider this level of risk in the first round. They each have said they: "…like/love the idea, but they simply have no way to assess the risk because there is no precedent for this kind of solution". And yet, unusually for institutional investors, they have each independently, and strongly, encouraged us to keep going… It has been a disheartening conundrum!

And there-in lays our dilemma: We have found a way through the tangled problem of a solution for many cancers, without most of the horrible side-effects, but since the way is SO NEW, every institutional investor we have spoken to is afraid to risk investing in it!

However, there is still hope for the Reveal cancer therapy! We have made some reasonable progress in raising the funding required to bring this option to fight cancer into fruition. We are currently working on agreements to secure commitments and Memorandums of Understanding for lines of credit, from two separate banks, for 30 million dollars. But, either one of these agreements will require a matching seed investment of 5 million dollars.

We are now trying to raise the required matching seed investment to bring this solution for cancer to the world! And we need YOUR help to do it! Please consider helping us, either directly or indirectly, to stop the tide of over 1500 cancer deaths a day, in the U.S. alone, and over 20,000 a day across the world, with this ground-breaking new cancer therapy.

If you would like to help, there are at least TWO ways you can. One way, and probably the best way, is to tell others about this technology. The word needs to get out that these kinds of treatment options could be made available, with a little help and effort. And secondly, if you have the means and the interest, please consider finding out a little bit more about us, and then if it makes sense for you, consider collaborating directly with us.

Reveal Therapies, LLC is ready to begin candid discussions with individuals, or entities, who might be interested in investing in the Reveal's BioPACK™, and its "TRAC-EM™" techniques; and, a not-for-profit Center for Open Source Technology Treatments (COST2) is being setup to accept tax deductible donations for the same purpose: to help end this scourge of cancers upon humanity! We really can stop the vast majority of cancers in their tracks, without using these insidious slow poisons and radiation, by simply enhancing and amplifying the elegance of the body's own defenses.

To re-iterate, Reveal's plan of action for moving "TRAC-EM™" from the lab, is to go into full animal trials, in dogs, under FDA IDE safety rules; and by extension, opening the technology up to pets, within six months. This will allow us to build better data and establish a full body of evidence for predictable, repeatable: reliability and scalability; very quickly. The second round of actions will take the device through the full FDA IDE process to market approval, as well as an international CE mark, and develop the BioPACK™ for miniaturization using microfluidics within 15-18 months. The third round of actions will open-up the device into direct human treatment and establish its presence in centers of excellence, expand the synergistic medical educational mechanism, and radically expand its presence and cost effectiveness for both humans and pets. The cost to complete all three of these steps will be less than 35 million dollars, in total.