Why should you help?

By now, you should have read through all the descriptions of our technology, our comparisons to existing cancer therapies, our data, our plan, our team, and our dilemma. Taken as a whole, it is pretty clear this symbiotic combination of approaches will work, and the vast majority of solid tumors will be effectively "knocked-back", and put into remission. We also know that some people will see a vaccine response, even if we don't know how many yet. So, all in all, pursuing the development of this technological solution to the treatment of solid tumor cancers makes allot of sense.

Of course; because this approach is so new and novel, it also makes institutional investors rather uncomfortable. Since a therapy like this has never been devised, nor done this way before, institutional investors don't have any history to draw upon; so, they don't have an acceptable way to assess the risk. Institutional investors don't like unknown territory and they simply have no way to assess the risk because there is no precedent for this kind of solution. So an excellent and extremely viable solution for the horrific problem of cancer is unfortunately in danger of languishing in the doldrums of an orphaned solution. And as you also probably know, there have been other very effective orphaned drugs and therapies that have faced a similar fate. The outlook for these kinds of orphans ever reaching the public is bleak.

However, there is hope for Reveal Therapies! We have made some reasonable progress in raising the funding required to bring this option to fight cancer into fruition. We are currently working on agreements to secure commitments and Memorandums of Understanding for lines of credit, from two separate banks, for 30 million dollars - and either one of these agreements will be enough to complete the BioPACK™. As is not uncommon for loan arrangements like this, both of these agreements require a matching seed investment of 5 million dollars. We are now trying to raise the required matching seed investment to bring this solution for cancer to the world!

At this point, our best option is to ask you, the public, to consider helping? Because risk mitigation and return-on-investment guarantees alone are not necessarily your only priorities. Sometimes, just doing the right thing, and helping people survive cancer, IS the best choice of all!

Right now, at Reveal, we have the know-how and a viable plan to thwart 85% of all the types of cancers. It is not yet a complete cure, but it is certainly a very promising start. And these TRAC-EM™ strategies will likely lead to many follow-on discoveries and technologies that will help cure cancer fairly soon. But we need your help to make it happen!

How to help

If you would like to help, there are two ways you can. One way, and probably the best way, is to tell others about this technology. The word needs to get out that these kinds of treatment options could be made available, with a little help and effort.

And secondly, if you have the means and the interest, please consider finding out a little bit more about us. And then if it makes sense for you, please contact us directly if you would like to assist us in bringing this to market. Because if we are given the chance, we really can stop the vast majority of cancers in their tracks, without using these insidious slow poisons and radiation, by simply enhancing and amplifying the elegance of the body's own defenses.