Macrophage Activation

In this first part, called "Macrophage Activation", healthy, naturally occurring, immunocytes – specifically macrophage or white blood cells, are coaxed into full alert, ready to hunt down and attack the cancer. This happens because some macrophages are guided through special micro-fluidic channels and chambers inside of Reveal's BioPACK™. In these chambers and channels, the macrophages are exposed to Macrophage Activating Factors (MAFs) that are attached to the walls; while they are simultaneously stimulated in precisely modulated electro-optical fields. By the time a macrophage leaves this labyrinth, it is stimulated and activated, and is ready to go back into the body and hunt down invaders, like cancer. Once these "activated macrophages" are circulating back in the body, they will attack cancer for about a week.

And unlike a drug, one of the very best advantages of Reveal's BioPACK™, is that it can automatically sense and help adjust the level of the fight, in real-time, by controlling how many macrophages are activated. Thus, Reveal's BioPACK™ can tailor the strength of the attack on the cancer. Reveal's BioPACK™ can be very aggressive, or very delicate, depending on how the patient feels; and how sick and fragile, or robust and hardy, they might be. Because the BioPACK™ is a microfludic device, and microfluidics is very good at diagnostics, it can automatically sense many of your body's responses. It is designed to track over 27 different and important elements continuously. Some very important examples include: the number of active immunocytes; the level of your inflammatory response; your glucose level; and the saturation level of the broken pieces of cancer cells that are in your plasma (blood), among many others. This level of responsiveness gives the BioPACK™ exquisite precision in helping your immune system in the fight against cancer, and allows it to nudge the body gently and effectively.

In the next step, some of the macrophages will return from the battle saturated with the broken pieces of cancer cells, and some of these battle tested macrophages will convert into Dendritic Cells, which will help feed the body's naturally occurring vaccine process.