Dendritic Cell Data

Therapeutic cancer vaccines are developed and given to cancer patients in the hope of immunizing them against the deadly cancer that threatens their life.

The Reveal BioPACK introduces an incubated, patient-specific, tailored vaccine into the bloodstream, as part of its clinical effects.  It makes the vaccine from some of the circulating white blood cells (macrophages) by converting them into a crucial vaccine-enabling cell, the dendritic cell.  Vaccines made from this type of cell are called dendritic cell vaccines.

Dendritic cell vaccines have a 30-year history. Originally these techniques were plagued by problems in making the cells. The discovery that macrophages could be converted in quantity to dendritic cells opened the way to clinical use.  But the overall objective response rate over time to such cancer vaccines has been low, usually between 3% and 5%.  Small trials with select patients, with very specific protein markers and less severe disease have seen response rates of 10%, and in rare instances somewhat higher. We believe we can do much better.

Reveal modifies the vaccine approach by implementing novel approaches. These approaches are highly targeted, patient individualized and designed to counter the in-vivo problems found in most dendritic cell vaccines. As Reveal’s Data is collected, we will release it here…