Our Value

Reveal Therapies is a newly forming enterprise that can genuinely help to end the appalling legacy of cancer and we can start today! Reveal has developed a radical immunotherapy for nearly ALL solid cancers (about 85% of all cancers). Completely non-toxic, and totally unlike chemotherapy and radiation, the course of therapy runs over a period of 3 to 6 months, and induces high quality remissions from even aggressive solid tumors that will last 2 to 3 years, and often much longer. Moreover, Reveal has a clear plan to make sure this therapy is available to everyone, and anyone, who wants it within 2 years!

Reveal Therapies accomplishes this feat through an extracorporeal medical device, called a BioPACK™, that process immune system cells and blood plasma. In the short term, this therapy leads to rapid tumor destruction in a controlled manner, with mild side-effects for the patient. In the longer term, this will result in a remission and in some patients using the BioPACK™ will also stimulate in a permanent vaccine response, e.g. a cure, in some fraction of patients. Exactly how many will need to be clinically determined, and may range from as little as 10%, to as much as 50%. Nearly everyone on Reveal's therapy will get a significant remission, and a substantial fraction of people will see a complete eradication of that cancer forever!

Relatively inexpensive and cost-effective, Reveal expects to be able to treat more than 150,000 patients a year within the first 5 years of operation. Based on a medical device, as opposed to a medical drug, Reveal's BioPACK™ will be able to obtain an international CE mark within 6-8 months, and a very rapid FDA approval path, with a time-into-humans estimated at between 18-24 months. Drugs are very expensive to develop; and given its impact, Reveal requires a relatively small total capital outlay to become completely self-sufficient and established in 1/5th of the time, and at 1/50th the cost of prototypical cancer drug development.


Current cancer treatment regimens for chemotherapy can range from $5,000 per visit to over $15,000 per visit. The total chemotherapy experience may include several or many visits. Large per visit costs are generally associated with shorter treatment cycles. The result is that regardless of the exact cost per treatment, the combined treatment cost and duration will come to approximately $50,000 for the chemotherapy and facility charges.

As Reveal launches "TRAC-EM™" in the BioPACK™ wearable unit, Reveal's price points will drop precipitously. So the price, coupled with the convenience of wearable therapy, will make treatment with Reveal's BioPACK™ will be much less expensive than virtually all other types of cancer treatments. A full course of Reveal's BioPACK™ will be extremely cost effective compared to a full regimen of chemotherapy.


Reveal Therapies, LLC is a member-share, owner managed LLC registered California with 60,000,000 member-shares. Although it may not be possible within the conventions of modern financing, Reveal Therapies ownership intends to keep member-shares non-dilution through the 2nd round for all except the Founders. As "Investors" invest in Reveal, the Founders intend to transfer portions of their member-shares to the Investors and Employees as performance and achievement of milestones dictate. Currently, the "Founders" own 59,000,000 of the member-shares with the remainder having been assigned to early Investors, and Employees under "sweat-equity" agreements during the company's formation to date.

Reveal's IP assets, and their assignment

Reveal Therapies LLC ("Reveal"), was registered in California on April 30th, 2010 to commercialize the medical technology inventions of Charlie Knezevich and Dr. Robert Silvetz. The patents for these inventions are currently held in their non-profit Foundation, the Center for Open Source Technology Therapies ("Center"). The Center has assigned to Reveal worldwide rights for any relevant patents that relate to Reveal's commercializing these inventions in exchange for 3% of Reveal's revenue, so they have the freedom to work on even better ideas.