What? Are you kidding?

In the future, when someone uses a Reveal BioPACK™ to resolve a cancer, there will be NO major side effects! As you probably already know, with chemotherapy and/or radiation the list of side-effects are so long and brutal, it would be impossible to list them all effectively on this one page. (see: side-effects associated with chemotherapy or radiation.) In fact, the list is so pervasive that almost everyone knows some of the side-effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation. How does one seriously compare using Reveal's BioPACK™, where the worst a patient is likely to feel is like they have a mild cold, or a very mild case of the flu - to chemotherapy and/or radiation, where someone experiences: extreme nausea; excessive vomiting; incapacitation for days on end; constant pain and suffering; tissues, parts, and whole organs dying or failing all over one's body; all your hair falling out? Basically, radiation and chemotherapy are poisoning! Frankly, there is no comparison! Reveal's BioPACK™ will work! And you won't suffer!

As you have probably already seen in some of the other descriptions, this is because the only thing Reveal's BioPACK™ is using to fight the cancer is the body's own, naturally occurring defense mechanisms. So, the only thing a patient will likely experience is what one normally experiences during the hundreds of other times the body's defenses have been activated - a low-grade fever, minor aches and pains, some swelling, and often a slight burning or tingling sensation in the area where the cancer is dwelling - not unlike like in the case of a cold or the flu. That is it!

When one uses low grade poisons, radiation, and even targeted receptors alone, they not only attack the cancer, they attack everything else! And in the process, they also usually significantly weaken or interfere with the very same endemic mechanisms the body normally uses to handle all of its normal functions - that's why you have such horrific side-effects from chemotherapy and/or radiation. And in the ultimate irony, these chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments often impair much of the rest of the body's own immune system. This leaves someone vulnerable to so many other side effects, including the return of the original cancer.

Instead of trying to kill the cancers directly by targeting them with exotic delivery systems using extragenous poisons, Reveal's approach simply and effectively assists and augments the body's own endemic mechanisms to recognize and handle cancers that your body had already used effectively, so many times before. How can that be compared to using poisons, no matter how exotic the delivery system?

Moreover, cancers regularly develop a resistance to these chemotherapy and/or radiation, so they get less effective over time. In fact, this is a remarkable testament to the resiliency of the human body, even when they are the human's own cancer cells. But cancers will not develop a resistance to Reveal's BioPACK™! This is because BioPACK™ is using the body's own, naturally occurring defense mechanisms to fight the cancer. And as we have noted so many times previously: Reveal's approach simply and effectively assists and augments the body's own endemic mechanisms to recognize and handle cancers that your body had already used effectively, so many times before. And it will keep working in the future. So should a relapse occur, Reveal's BioPACK™ can be used effectively again!

And that is why Reveal's strategy is so compelling. Unlike conventional cancer treatments, Reveal's effectiveness, based on the literature, will likely be better than a 90% response rate, with better than 50% seeing most-to-all metastasis disappear, and an average of 50% shrinkage [+/-20%] of the primary tumor [hence a 2-3 year remission]. Additionally, there will likely be a minimum response rate of between 5%-15% patients seeing a vaccine response. And, given the symbiotic nature of these therapies combined, it is possible that this rate of vaccine response in patients could rise to over 50% of patients. But we won't know the exact rate of vaccine response until we can complete our clinical trials.

So if you had a cancer, which would you choose? A deadly poison, -or- your own immunocytes augmented by the BioPACK™?

An important note about the Reveal BioPACK™s' effectiveness

The Reveal approach to cancer treatment is an immune system-based therapy. As such, it requires an intact immune system for optimal results. Even when the immune system has been damaged by chemotherapy or radiation the Reveal approach can still work because it is based on fundamental mechanisms, but it will be at a handicap depending on the level of damage. In particular, the health of the bone marrow is crucial to overall success. The more the stem cells that make the immune system cells are damaged, the less successful our product and therapy will be. In many regards, Reveal Therapies is hopeful that its high safety profile will allow it to become the absolute first choice in someone's "first-line therapy" choices. That is, oncologists will attempt a Reveal Therapies approach before trying any chemotherapy or radiation.