What's an Immunotherapy?

"Immunotherapy", as Reveal practices it, is working with your body's own immune system to make it better by gently nudging the immune system into success. One of the ways the immune system works is by producing immunocytes (white blood cells) that find and kill germs and foreign invaders. There are some immunocytes that find and "eat" cancerous cells. At Reveal, we want to help your body's immunocytes to do two things: get better at finding cancer cells, and produce more of these immunocytes which are really good at killing your cancer cells.

To do this, we have developed the patented "TRAC-EM™" combination, which use techniques from three important methods: (1) Apheresis, or "Subtractive Therapy™" (2) Macrophage Activation, and (3) Dendritic Cell Response.

Each of these methods, and how they specifically work, is described in greater detail in their individual sections. We would also like to introduce you to the very important idea that: together, each of these methods operates "Synergistically" with the others. In other words, each method both compliments, and helps, each of the other methods to be more effective. This is often called a positive feedback loop, and this complementary approach is a very important part of Reveal BioPACK™'s success.

As an example, consider the "TRAC-EM™" cycle which starts with techniques from the "Subtractive Therapy" method as it removes the cytokines that help hide the cancer cells from the immunocytes. The immunocytes that already naturally exist in the system, and the additional immunocytes that are excited by techniques from the "Macrophage Activation" method, are now even better at finding cancer cells to kill, because they can find them. And since we now have these "extra" immunocytes running around in your system killing even more cancer cells; there are more targets for the immunocytes used in the techniques from the "Dendritic Cell Response" method to latch-on-to and be incubated on, which increase the chances if a successful vaccine response. And each time, each of these complementary methods cycle through their processes, they produce even more of these complementary effects, so more and more cancer cells are killed with each cycle. Eventually, this synergistic cycling happens faster than the cancer can keep up with, and Reveal's BioPACK™, and its "TRAC-EM™" techniques, achieves its goal of gently complimenting the immune system and nudging the process over the edge into defeating cancer at its own game, with the tools it already has.

As you read through the descriptions of each of these methods, please keep in mind the complementary effects of these approaches, so you can get a better sense of why Reveal's BioPACK™ works.
Watch BioPACK™ Movie

The animated story of how the BioPACK™ Device works

Instead of using surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, Reveal BioPACK will help the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells.
Using Our Prototype
To give you an example of how a treatment with Reveal's prototype would work, in practical terms, let's consider the hypothetical case of Sarah, a concert pianist. She has just received the news from her doctor that she has advanced breast cancer.