Reveal’s Management Team

Reveal's management team has extensive medical device and clinical experience, with hundreds of millions of dollars in delivered or pipelined products. The team is ready, willing and able to stem the tide of over 1500 cancer deaths a day with the ground-breaking "TRAC-EM™" techniques embedded in the BioPACK™ delivery system.

Reveal's management brings with them the needed skills and contacts to bring the complete set of first and second round of personnel and staffing. Toward the end of the second round, the Management Team intends to bring in additional professional management and staff to accommodate the expected ramp-up demands and requirements of the third round.

Chief Medical Officer+Founder
Dr. Robert Silvetz, MD & BA, Computer Science, BA Medical Science; co-inventor of the BioPACK™. Dr. Silvetz has 20 years business & computer systems development for government, industry and biotechnology. Dr. Silvetz helped to create one of the first commercially successful Electronic Medical Record systems for IDX Systems [now GE Health] and supported its deployment to large multi-entity healthcare institutions. Dr. Silvetz will guide Reveal through clinical trials.

Chief Technology Officer+Founder
Charlie Knezevich, has over 11 degrees, including: Computer Sci., E.E., Phil. of Sci., Physics, Economics, etc.; co-inventor of the BioPACK™. He has 25+ years of outstanding performance & innovation as an inventor & researcher with more than 17 inventions and innovation awards in: Super-Computing; Bio-Informatics & Medicine (Architect, Protein Data Bank); Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Space Sciences, U.S. Military operations, communications and intelligence. He will integrate and guide Reveal's Research and Development efforts.

Special Projects
Michael O'Hagan has a Ph.D. in Operations Research and an MS in Mathematical Statistics from Stanford University as well as a BS in Physics and Mathematics with a minor in Economics from SMU in Dallas. A scientist's "Scientist" with wide ranging expertise, he has over 45 years as a senior scientist and manager in Fortune 100 companies including 25 years with Texas Instruments and high tech startups. Dr. O'Hagan was Computer Center Director, a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Engineering at SMU and spent two years as Academic Dean at the University of Dallas. He was a pioneer in fuzzy logic and decision making with expertise in nuclear physics and optical communications. In the 1980's he was a member of the American Defense Science Board under Admiral Isaac Kidd.