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Welcome to Reveal Therapies, LLC

Apheresis and immunocyte activation are medical procedures that kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. Reveal Therapies is developing a small portable device that will perform both procedures while patients are working, playing, sleeping, or even exercising. The purpose of this website is to describe apheresis, immunocyte activation, and the Reveal BioPACK™.

The problem, in a nutshell

Unless a cure is found, solid tumor cancers will kill one out of seven people alive today. The traditional treatments for solid tumor cancers --surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy-- are painful, dangerous, expensive, and disfiguring. Furthermore, cancer returns in well over half of all patients treated with these methods.

At Reveal Therapies, we think we can do better. Much better!

Our solution, in a nutshell

Instead of using surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, Reveal is designing a small wearable, battery-operated device that will help the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells. Blood will be pumped through the Reveal BioPACK™, treated by our patented "Technologies for Receptor Activation of Cells – Especially Macrophages™" (TRAC-EM™) techniques, and returned to the patient. This treatment will go on for six to twenty-four weeks, and it will change cancer from a death sentence to a manageable, chronic condition for more than half of the patients treated. Some of those patients will see the cancer disappear forever.


"TRAC-EM™" is a combination of patented procedures that are implemented at the microfludic level. Metaphorically, these technologies do two important things. At the right times, "TRAC-EM™" gently "push" immunocytes (Macrophages) towards a better response to a cancer. And at other times, "TRAC-EM™" gently "pull" immunocytes (Macrophages) towards a better response to cancer. "TRAC-EM™" is implemented in the BioPACK™ by using proven and well known techniques from apheresis and immunocyte activation.

How apheresis reveals hidden cancer cells

The immune system produces immunocytes (white blood cells) that find and kill germs. There are also immunocytes that can find and "eat" cancerous cells. Immunocytes are guided by cytokines, chemical signals produced by cells.

Infected or damaged cells --including some cancer cells-- produce "Eat me!" cytokines that tell immunocytes to destroy them; healthy self-cells produce "Don't eat me!" cytokines. Some solid cancers hide from the immune system by producing phony "Don't eat me!" cytokines. These phony cytokines are called cloaking cytokines.

The Reveal BioPACK™ will use apheresis to remove cloaking cytokines from the patient's blood, and then return the blood to the patient. With the cloaking cytokines removed, immunocytes will be able to find cancer cells that had been hiding.

How immunocyte activation kills cancer cells

Immunocytes come into the world like babies, full of potential, but not knowing much. They live for a short while, from a couple of days to a couple of months. During that brief span, they need to learn how to tell the difference between the body's own cells and germs, and between healthy cells and cancerous cells. Immunocyte activation speeds up the learning process, enabling more immunocytes to find and kill cancer cells. The immunocytes to be activated by the Reveal Device are macrophages and dendritic cells.

Side Effects

When you have the flu, your aches, pains, and fever are caused by immunocytes tracking down and killing flu viruses, and the cells infected by them. Apheresis and immunocyte activation will cause flu-like symptoms as immunocytes track down and kill cancer cells. The flu-like symptoms will subside as the cancer cells disappear. Reveal's BioPACK™ solution operates in direct contrast to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which are outright deadly poisons! And no matter how sophisticated the delivery system of these poisons, everyone knows some of the side-effects because they are so destructive. Reveal's BioPACK™ is not destructive to anything, but tumors.

What's an Immunotherapy?

"Immunotherapy", as Reveal practices it, is working with your body's own immune system to make it better by gently nudging the immune system into success.
Watch BioPACK™ Movie

The animated story of how the BioPACK™ Device works

Instead of using surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, Reveal BioPACK will help the immune system to find and destroy cancer cells.